I compose instrumental music for film, TV, advertising, etc... How do I submit my music to Epitome?

We are currently accepting new composers.
Please download and read the Music Submission Guidelines for Composers

I am an artist or band, and have songs with vocals. How do I submit my music to Epitome?

We are currently accepting new artists and bands.
Please download and read the Music Submission Guidelines for the Artist Series

Is this a Non-exclusive or Exclusive Library?

Both. Composers submitting production music will be asked to sign an exclusive agreement (after the music is reviewed, and only if accepted). Only the music signed to a schedule A is exclusive, not you as a writer.

You may submit non-exclusive music for review purposes only. But please make sure to tell us that it is not available exclusively.

Artists and / or Bands submitting for our “Artist Series”, will have the choice of either an exclusive or non-exclusive synch administration agreement.

How much money will I make when my songs gets licensed?

As you might suspect, the upfront synch money we receive can vary drastically. We can provide this information to you on a case by case basis.

Catalog Representation

Are you a Publisher or Record Label and want Epitome to represent your catalog?

Epitome Music is currently representing a few big name labels in the greater Los Angeles area, and we also want to represent you! Contact Epitome today to see if your catalog qualifies.

MIDI to Live Performance

We can turn your MIDI instrument performances into a recorded performance by live musicians. Epitome Music Library, working in conjunction with Ring Productions, offer an easy solution to creating the best recorded performance at an affordable cost.

For more information, download the MIDI to Live PDF

Meta Data Encoding &
File Conversion Services

Epitome Music provides an easy solution to embed intelligent meta data into your audio files. These files are then searchable by your clients. Some data fields include Artwork, Track Title, Description, Similar Artists, CD Title, CD Description, Composer, Publisher, and other pertinent data.

Already have embedded BWAVs or AIFs but need smaller MP3s with the same data? We can easily convert existing files into MP3 format, while preserving the meta data.

For more information on these services, download the: Meta Data Encoding and Conversion PDF


Working with AdRev, we are able to accurately monitor illegal uploads of your music on YouTube, and pay the Artists the money they deserve. If you have your music on the internet, you should be keeping track of it. Chances are someone somewhere is illegally using your music, and we are here to get you paid!

When signing up with Epitome, this is not mandatory. Copyright owners have the option not to have us monitor their music on the internet.

For more information, email us.

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